Mind your own fitness tracker

In some ways, it reads like a bad novel: “Every Step You Fake” (https://openeffect.ca/reports/Every_Step_You_Fake.pdf), a Canadian study of privacy and security in personal fitness devices. The report outlines two key areas in which these devices have significant security and privacy shortcomings — but just as you feel sympathy for the devices’ wearers, you learn they may be the “bad actor” in other cases. We can spot adversaries in every direction, but who’s the hero of this drama? And, frankly, does it need to be a drama?
The two shortcomings outlined in the report are that:

  • the devices’ radio-based transmissions can “leak” your presence and make you trackable (anonymously) through shopping malls that do that sort of thing; and
  • it’s possible to fake out some of the website collection servers so that you can “adjust” your results.

Well, wait. Why so much drama around a device you electively wear on your person? What are the actual problems that need solving here?

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