Leslie Daigle

See attached pages for formal bio information or a publication blurb;  a more detailed CV is available here. 

If we meet in a coffee shop somewhere and you ask me what it is that I have done professionally, I would tell you that I like to build things — technology and organizations.  Because I like to organize things and have shown some aptitude for communicating between, say, technical and policy worlds, I have undertaken leadership roles.   The major themes are Internet (technology, experience, policy) and leadership.  I like to build things that matter.  I hate being bored.

So, nowadays I’m working on some funded projects that are helping me design and establish a “centre for the creative development of the Internet” — check it out:  http://www.TechArk.org .

Previously, while chairing the Internet Architecture Board, I helped lead the IETF through a major shift in its administrative structuring, to put the organization on a sustainable footing.   As Chief Internet Technology Officer for the Internet Society, I led a great team of engineers to create and deliver on programmes that have had real impact on IPv6 deployment, increasing collaboration between otherwise-competitive operators, and providing sound guidance to the organization’s efforts to build out rational governance for the Internet.  A long time ago, I actually wrote programmes and engaged in technical debates about Internet application infrastructure.

Leslie Daigle

Leslie Daigle



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