Leslie Daigle Brief Bio

Leslie Daigle leads organizations to achieve significant innovations and real-world impacts.   She is a globally-recognized writer, speaker and builder.

Leslie has been actively involved in shaping the Internet’s practical evolution for more than twenty years.  Always fascinated by the Internet’s technology,   innovation and real world impact, she started her professional career working with Internet applications technologies for corporate commercial activities, and expanded to take on leadership roles within the premier Internet technology standardization organization, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Currently,  Leslie is working to establish a “centre for the creative development of the Internet” (http://www.techark.org), with funded projects focusing on advancing the Internet’s technology development and deployment through leadership and targeted activities coordinating action of interested Internet stakeholders.

As the first-ever Chief Internet Technology Officer of the Internet Society, Ms. Daigle’s efforts changed the course of Internet technology deployment, globally.

As Chair of the Internet Architecture Board, Ms. Daigle worked in partnership with the IETF Chair to lead the Internet’s premier standards body to create a new organizational structure responsible for its own fiscal and institutional viability.

Ms. Daigle’s signature model of change leadership leverages her ability to understand the perspectives of, and communicate across technical, business and global policy audiences.  She consistently builds highly effective teams to deliver major contributions through clear articulation of vision, ensuring buy-in, and providing clear leadership for aligned stakeholders to achieve the desired goal.

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